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Post Surgery

You have just had a periodontal surgical procedure. Please read this instruction section as it may help to answer any questions you have and make your post-surgical week more comfortable.

Suture removal

You should make an appointment to have the sutures removed in about 7-14 days.


You can expect some discomfort after the anesthesia wears off. To minimize this please take the prescribed medication.


Please take the antibiotic as prescribed. Discontinue it only if you are having an adverse reaction to it.


Some swelling is part of normal healing. This is usually minimal and will be noticed for the first few days. you may use an ice-pack for periods of 20 minutes intermittently for the first few hours after surgery.


During the first few hours you may notice some bleeding around the surgical dressing. If it does not stop shortly, CALL US you will be seen immediately. Apply pressure with a moist Kleenex or gauze to help stop the bleeding. If this does not stop within a few minutes, please call us.

Surgical dressing

This is placed around your teeth to provide protection to the area of surgery. If small pieces of the dressing come off do not be concerned. However, if a large piece of dressing comes loose and it is uncomfortable-call us.

What you can eat

You should eat regular meals to get the proper nutrition. Please avoid sharp hard foods (potato chips, pretzels,etc) so that you do not disturb the surgical dressing. Softer foods will be more comfortable immediately after surgery.

Oral Hygiene

Clean the other areas of your mouth as you normally would. The dressing can be lightly brushed. A prescription mouthrinse “Peridex” is recommended to keep the surgical site free of oral bacteria.


It is advisable to refrain from physical exercise for two days following surgery. The surgical site may be disturbed and your healing will be delayed.

Cigarette smoking

It is advisable to not smoke after periodontal surgery. The effects of smoking are harmful to healing tissue and wounds usually heal more slowly and less successfully. Smokers also have more post-operative sensitivity.
Learn more about the link between smoking and gum disease.


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